Nigeria Police launches portal for automated tinted glass permit, firearms licence, Police character certificate applications

tinted glass permit
Mr. Jude Nwakwo applying for the new automated tinted glass permit

The Nigeria Police Force has launched an electronic platform called the Nigeria Police Force Central Information System (NCIS) through which  applications for tinted permit, Police character clearance and firearm license can be done online.

The Inspector General of Police, IGP Solomon E. Arase fdc,NPM while launching the platform stated that “there will be a three months window for the revalidation of the Firearms License and the Tinted Permit. Consequently, with effect from 18th March, 2016, the current Firearms License and Tinted Permit will become invalid and holder may be liable to arrest and prosecution.”

Process of Applying for a permit

Log on to, click on tinted permit and

1. Fill the Application form on the right to obtain an Application ID.

2. Complete the Application Process by Login in with email provided and the Application ID shown below.

3. Complete the Bio-Data form when logged-in and provide the details of the Vehicle you want to obtain a Tinted Permit for.

4. Take the Print-out to any Police Command, to capture your biometrics and collection of your Tinted Permit Certificate.

5. For more information contact us: Email:

All applicants wishing to apply for the new automated firearm license,tinted permit and Police character clearance must have the National Identification Number (NIM)


See the full remarks of the IGP after  the cut.

It is with a sense of strong professional fulfilment and internal joy that I welcome you to this ceremony marking the launch of the Nigeria Police Force Central Information System (NCIS) which warehouses the Automated Tinted Permit, Police Character Clearance and Firearms License Process Units.

2. Until now, Character Certificate, Tinted Glass Permit and Firearms License were processed manually with no central database of applicants or holders. This analogue process was not only cumbersome and fraught with corrupt practices; the integrity of the documents issued were also subjects of forgery.

3. Even more worrisome is the realization that under this analogue system, it has been practically difficult to engage best international practices to vet firearms applicants, monitor the extent of compliance of licensees with extant firearms laws, and address the challenge of firearms proliferation. All these gaps impact negatively on the ability of the Nigeria Police to effectively attain its core Mandate of preventing and detecting crimes, and protecting the lives and property of the citizens.

3. Consequently, in line with my strategic policing plan touching on technology-driven policing practices, the concept to digitalize the process was evolved with intent to addressing these challenges. Indeed today, I feel rewarded that the dream I have nurtured in the past months has come to fruition with the launching of this new system. I am particularly delighted at this launch because it will also optimally utilize the pool of young ICT professionals in the Nigeria Police Force to drive the process. This is even more so that we pride ourselves as one government institution with the highest concentration of ICT professionals.

4. Ladies and Gentlemen, with the clear statement being made today, I indulge on the public to visualize this initiative as one that will propel the entrenchment of global best practices in policing, and one that will advance the capacity of the Nigeria Police to combat crimes. This is because henceforth, the biometric details of any citizen applying for Firearms License, Police Character Certificate, or Tinted Glass Permit will be electronically captured, processed, cross-referenced and digitally stored to support the vetting process.

5. In this regard, with effect from 1st January, 2016 all holders of Tinted Permit will be requested to revalidate them, while with effect from 18th January, 2016, all holders of Firearms License will be requested to also revalidate their License. Similarly, with effect from 1st January, 2016, application for Character Certificates must be processed through the electronic platform of the Nigeria Police Force Central Information System (NCIS). I am to clarify that there will be a three months window for the revalidation of the Firearms License and the Tinted Permit. Consequently, with effect from 18th March, 2016, the current Firearms License and Tinted Permit will become invalid and holder may be liable to arrest and prosecution.

6. It is my expectation that the members of the public will avail themselves of the benefits of the scheme in processing and obtaining requests for tinted permits, Firearms License, and Character Certificates while assisting the Nigeria Police to build a strong database that will help in addressing abuses associated with the analogue process which is being phased out with effect from today.

5. I thank the ICT department and the young professionals therein who have demonstrated exceptional intellectual competence and professional zeal in driving the vision of effectively migrating the Force from the analogue policing pedestal to digital policing heights. I am proud of you and assure you that I will keep motivating, supporting and utilizing you to advance my technology-driven policing initiatives.

6. I thank the Force Management team for sharing this Vision with me and making the required sacrifices needed to make this initiative a reality. I thank you your attention and pray for God’s divine security over our beloved country as we walk with national passion into the New Year

7. As I proceed to commission this landmark Centre, I wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year.



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