Best Traffic Management Initiative Depicted in a GIF Image

200 people in 177 cars traffic congestion
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A careful and insightful look at the gif image above will blow up your mind as how how we unnecessarily create problems for ourselves as humans. Do we really need to have these number of cars on our roads? Should we not optimise the use of cars on our roads? Build roads everywhere, you just cannot reduce traffic congestion when you have a situation where you have 200 people driving 177 cars. It is just insane!

The traffic situation in most mega cities in the world is a source of concern. The quantum of man-hours and opportunities lost each day to terrible traffic situations the world over are better imagined.

A study by INRIX, a UK based traffic intelligence and solutions company, and the Centre for Economics and Business Research revealed that “traffic congestion will likely cost the UK economy more than £300 Billion over the next 16 Years.”

According to the report published last year, “almost 70 percent of the workforce commuted to work by car during peak times, with the average British driver spending 124 hours2 stuck in gridlock annually, and this is set to rise to 136 hours in 2030, equivalent to 18 working days a year. This has both a direct and indirect economic impact on car commuting households. Direct costs relate to the value of fuel and the time wasted rather than being productive at work, and indirect costs relate to higher freighting and business fees from company vehicles idling in traffic, which are passed on as additional costs to household bills.

Locally, Lagos State Government has been in the eye of the storm over worsening traffic situation in the Nigeria’s commercial city. As depicted in the image above, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode may have no other option than to speed up the construction of the on-going light rail project and even expand it to cover and link major areas in the city.


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