NYSC Camp Commandant Decamped For Harassing Female Corper

nysc commdant
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Just before the end of the recently concluded Batch B Stream I Orientation exercise, the Benue State NYSC camp commandant, Captain Abalaba was decamped from the camp for harassing a muslim corps member.

The corper is the Amira (female head) of the Muslim Corpers Association of Nigeria (MCAN) in Benue State. In Orientation camps around the country, only three religious associations are allowed the Nigerian Christian Corpers Fellowship (NCCF), the Nigerian Association of Catholic Corpers (NACC) and MCAN. The heads of these associations, are the Papa/Mama for NCCF and NACC and the Amir/Amira for MCAN who are serving corps members of earlier batches.

It has been confirmed that the Amira was hit because she was wearing a Hijab but some even say she was hit with a bottle. The commandant ordered her to remove the Hijab and gave instructions to the soldiers to beat the Amir and some other muslim corpers found praying in the mosque claiming it was for security purposes. Afterwards the corpers were sent out of the camp.

The Director General of the NYSC and the Secretary General of Muslim Council of Nigeria dispatched Muslim clerics and NYSC officials to the camp to resolve the issue that same day, November 14th. After the issue was resolved, the Captain Abalaba was decamped immediately and he was replaced with a new Camp commandant. Meanwhile, NYSC has set up an investigative panel to look further into the issue to avoid future occurrences.

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